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Playball was initially developed in South Africa in 1982. It has since spread all over the world with 
hundreds of thousands of children taking part each week in 17 countries. Playball New Zealand was 
first established in Auckland in 2005 after more than 20 years success in South Africa and around the 
world. Since then we have gone from strength to strength with thousands of kiwi children benefitting 
from the unique service we offer. We currently have 18 franchises all over NZ and a great Playball 

All our Playball franchisees undertake specific training to learn not only the Playball methods of 
coaching but more importantly why we coach in this specific way. We are very proud of the content 
of our program and the results speak for themselves. The Playball coaching systems have been 
developed and refined over the last 30 years by our team of specialists at head office. The end result 
is a program that is age-appropriate and educational in every respect. Most importantly kids love it!

We believe that movement is a child’s first “language”. It is how they experience and interpret their 
world. As such, our coaches play an important role in ensuring they are exposed to a wide variety 
of movement experiences in their formative years. Watching the children improve not only their 
physical skills but developing confidence and social skills at the same time is extremely rewarding. 
As “Playballers” approach the age of organised sport participation they are equipped with all the skills 
they will need to participate in a variety of sports. As such they are far more likely to have a positive 
experience and a lifelong involvement in sports.