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Playball teaches children a fit and healthy lifestyle

The Playball Program gives children skills for the years to come. Read about all of the benefits Playball can bring your children:

Specialised Sports Coaching for boys & girls aged 2 to 8

Playball is unique and specialised in that, although we are using "sports skills" as our vehicle, our goal is to help children develop all of the skills they need on their journey through life.

Because it is more important for young children to learn confidence and how to play well with others, the early stages of our program are non-competitive and designed to provide all children with the opportunity to participate at their own level.

Playball coaches use a variety of sports equipment designed to be fun and keep children engaged. The Playball Program caters for children of every ability and interest as well as providing foundation skills for the athletes of the future. Through enjoyment children learn to love sport providing a spring board into future sports participation.

Health Benefits

Exercise improves physical health and general well being. Children increase their over-all fitness through exercise and there are many long-term health benefits. It boosts the immune system, which means children are less likely to get sick and their defence against disease is stronger.

A Child's overall metabolism is improved by exercise, resulting in lowered blood pressure, improvement of the cholesterol profile, reduction of type 2 diabetes, and strengthening of the entire cardiovascular system, including the heart and lungs.

Overweight children are able to reduce their body weight and body fat due to the physiological effect of burning fat while exercising, resulting in improved bone and muscle structure.

Active children enjoy additional health benefits, because exercise increases the blood flow to all body tissues, including the brain. Greater blood flow transports more oxygen and nutrients to the body's cells.

Active children have more energy. Their bodies ability to absorb oxygen is improved through aerobic exercise. This increased oxygen in their body's cells helps children feel more energized.

The body is able to detoxify better. Exercising creates increased breathing and sweating both which contribute to the release of toxins. Greater blood flow increases the transport of the by products of metabolism and toxins back from the cells for elimination, recycling, or further use elsewhere. This helps children feel healthy and fit.

Active children are able to concentrate better. Exercise improves mental health, helps memory and is excellent for brain function. It can help keep children emotionally stable, reduces levels of anxiety, and can decrease the likelihood of depression.

When children exercise, the quality of their sleep is improved which helps them function better in every aspect of their lives. Exercise increases the release of beneficial hormones helps remove harmful ones.

Active children develop a stronger self-esteem and more confidence. Their ability to overcome difficult situations improves.

Physical Skills

The early stages of the Playball program teach children the basic physical skills needed to start playing sport. Basics such as rolling a ball, bouncing, throwing and catching form a foundation on which to build a lifetime of sports participation. The later stages of the program build upon these very basic capabilities and string them together into actual game play. In this gradual way children can be successful at every stage of the learning process which increases their confidence and the amount of fun that they can have playing sport.

Social Skills

Children learn social skills through teamwork practiced at Playball.

  • cooperation
  • communication
  • listening
  • sharing
  • teamwork
  • sportsmanship

These skills help children learn how to play happily with others.

Life Skills

Playball™ gives all children, of all abilities, an opportunity to experience the benefits of participating in sports.

  • Promotes a healthy start and a happy balanced lifestyle
  • Promotes a positive attitude and increased self-esteem
  • Increases confidence and motivation
  • Develops concentration, focus and listening skills
  • Teaches sportsmanship and fair play
  • Develops independence, persistence, goal setting, and leadership
  • Improves co-operation, patience, tolerance and respect.