School Readiness Skills

The Playball program promotes school readiness skills to ensure that children develop a sound base on which to build in the future. Our goal is the development of the whole child. It is for this reason that Playball develops physical, social, intellectual and emotional skills in an age appropriate manner. The credibility of the Playball program is evident by the enormous value placed on it by parents and teachers in New Zealand and around the world.

Some of the school readiness skills covered by the Playball program include:

  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Confidence
  • Cooperation and skills of inclusion
  • A level of physical competence
  • Concentration, Focus and Listening Skills
  • Persistence while learningTeamwork and Social Skills.

At Playball we work within the community to help prepare children for the future. Sports participation provides opportunities for childrento become more active and healthy. Playball helps children learn life skills that are essential for the challenging years ahead.