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Testimonial - Waterlea Primary.

My son (who is 5) and my daughter (who is 7) have been taking part in Playball sessions, after school throughout this term and each week they look forward to it. Their coaches are Coach Erin and Coach Ray and I have been very impressed with how they both do their jobs. 

The children are given clear instructions about how to do an activity, they are encouraged when they do a fantastic job, and also when they have just given it a go. I have been impressed with how both coaches have handled "tricky" situations with children whether it be shyness, tiredness, accidents or injuries and the way they patiently help a child even when that child doesn't make it easy. They run fun filled activities which have underlying lessons about team participation, co-ordination, listening skills and timing skills as well as introducing them to different sports.

They run the sessions in a very professional manner with clear boundaries and clear instructions and it is wonderful watching the children learn how to play a new sport or gain more confidence in an activity they may have done before. Both my children are quite reserved when it comes to doing something new, but both have loved taking part and are keen to do so next term too and I put this down to how well these sessions are run and to the coaches who do a fantastic job.

Fleur McLeod

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Our boys (6 and 3) have been involved with playball for a couple of yearsnow and it's the highlight of the week for both of them. The skill based games they play are fantastic, age-appropriate, challenging & most of all great fun. Both boys have learnt so much in terms of ball skills, listening skills, sportsmanship & teamwork all whilst thoroughly enjoying themselves. 'Coach Steph' has been an integral part of the PlayBall team since we've been involved. The boys love her! She challenges & encourages them and also provides a supportive hand when they're a little unsure. Steph is really bubbly, has a gentle & fun teaching style and helps to provide the warm and fun environment that makes PlayBall such a big weekly event in ourdiary! Our boys have learnt some great skills & thrived with the PlayBall coaches, including Steph, and we really appreciate the confidence this activity gives them.

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I have known Coach Steph for the past two school terms, during which time she has been my 4 year old daughters Playball Coach. Steph is always cheerful, upbeat and energetic. She is very reliable and always punctual.She is firm and has good control of the group which, at times must be very testing. She is approachable and really listens to suggestions/advice for helping to better include my daughter who, has autism spectrum disorder. For example, my daughter is a very visual learner and as such finds verbal instructions very difficult to process. I suggested that other children have their turns first so that my daughter can see what is required for the activity. My daughter also learns to be patient and wait for her turn. Coach Steph's program is always a good mix of familiar games played before and the introduction of new games. Playball sessions are never predictable. My daughter loves going to Playball and a big part of that is her lovely relationship with Coach Steph. My daughter is always made to feel included, successful and is given a bit of a challenge with an ever changing program of activities. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or require further comments.

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I have two boys who always look forward to their Playball sessions. The coaches are very friendly and make each session fun with a variety of activities and games. I like the fact that my boys are learning skills for a variety of sports, but they think they are just having fun. Anadded benefit is that I have learnt lots of different games to play at home with them too..

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